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At Movin on Estate Sales, we understand that there are times when a client does not have the time to hold an estate sale, does not have enough items to sell in a sale, or cannot afford to wait in order to hold a sale. In order to accommodate clients who need to get rid of their items and have their house emptied quickly, we offer an estate buy out service in Dayton, OH.

What is an Estate Buy Out?
Simply put, an estate buy out occurs when the personal effects of an estate are purchased by an estate liquidation company for a pre-determined, fixed amount.

When is an Estate Buy Out a Good Option?
There are many times when an estate buy out is an excellent option to consider, including:

  • When an estate needs to generate an fast and immediate income
  • The loved ones of a deceased family member decide that they would rather not have a public estate sale
  • There isn’t enough time to properly stage an estate sale
  • The items in the estate are being held in a storage facility
  • The residence is located in a location where estate sales are not permitted, such as a condominium or an apartment
  • The total value of the personal effects of the estate are not large enough to consign to an auction, or would not render the need to engage the service of a company that specializes in estate sales
At Movin on Estate Sales, we purchase all types of treasures through our estate buy out service, including:
  • Fine jewelry
  • Antique furniture
  • Keepsakes
  • Household items
  • Appliances
We will remove all of the items from the estate, clean the entire premises and leave you with a completely empty and clean residence.

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